Trending crystals: Moldavite

By | September 16, 2022

Moldavite has been all the craze in the ravenscroft community lately. This crystal is popular since a long time, moldavite has been trending online and for good reason . Besides the stunning appearance brought by its striking green hue, it is a mineral that has properties that are beneficial to all who use it.Keep reading to learn more about moldavite as well as how to make use of it, and why it came to be known as the “Stone of Transformation”.As said earlier, moldavite has an otherworldly appeal, and do you think it’s because it truly is because it comes from space? The largest reserve, located within it’s Ries and Steinheim Craters in Europe It was created by the heat of an impact of an asteroid around 15 million years ago. Named in honor of Moldauthein Bohemia’s capital city, from which there is moldavite in 99% of its global extent which is why it’s been named. click here The mineral is also found in Germany as well as Austria.