What is what does an Emerald look Like

By | September 21, 2022

What would an Emerald appear like.xxx There are shades of blue and yellow that can also be included. Emeralds are usually cut into rectangular shapes as jewelry pieces and cabochons and this shape has been able being associated with this gemstone, even being called the “emerald cut”.
The beauty of emeralds has brought inspiration, peace and confidence through the ages. Their rich color and majestic qualities have made it a favourite among the historical elite or royalty as well as gem admirers.
How do natural Emeralds look?
Raw emeralds occur in metamorphic rock , and are therefore more rough and not cut. The raw emeralds are a variety of the color of their stones, with yellow or blue hues being most common. It is possible to create jewelry or paintings with them through the utilization of transparent or translucent gems.
Raw emeralds are, evidently, rougher than cut ones, and are formed within metamorphic rocks. Again, raw emeralds can differ slightly in color to be blue or yellow. Also, they can be translucent or transparent, making them ideal as a mural or jewelry. click here